Friday, November 26, 2010

Hops, Hops, Hops, Hops, Hops,

I just placed an order for hops through Hops Direct. They had a 5% off the order promotion for black Friday.

I purchased one pound each of 6 varieties:

Chinook - pellets
Willamette - pellets
Fuggle (UK) - pellets
Saaz (US) - pellets
Amarillo - leaf
Cascade - leaf

I should be set on hops for Witbier, Stout, APA, IPA, and other hoppy brews.  I will make sure to post pics of my stash when they arrive. I'm excited.

I plan to brew 4 beers, in 4 days during the winter break, we'll see if it happens.  If so I'll have a 4 beers/4days post in about a month, till then stay tuned for pics of the hop shipment!