Sunday, January 15, 2012

Randall Build for Under $100! (I'm Back for Now at Least...)

I recently built a Randall.  My wife is a stout lover, and at the 2010 GABF, she made some bold comments about the Randall Dogfish Head was using.  They were serving Bitche's Brew through the Randall which was packed with Espresso Coffee beans.

I decided to make a Randall so that she might experience some different flavors through the contraption.  Of course I am a Hop-a-holic, so I will be happy serving through some yummy citrusy goodness.

Here is my build parts list: Here are some pictures of the build:
Before the mayhem began
Simple QD to faucet with adapter

Snug fit in the Kegerator
Snug fit in the Kegerator

Moral of the story is you can make yourself a pretty sweet Randall for under $100 bucks. I have seen the different designs with the two stage filters and such, but it seem to me that people want to "show" off  their Randalls and have them outside of the serving fridge. I don't expect this to foam too much after pressure equilibrium is reached. Of course, the nucleation sites will be increased 100 fold by the hops once the beer hits them inside the Randall , but after the hops are wet I don't foresee a continuing problem. I have 10' of beer line between the keg and the Randall, and another 5' of beer line to the picninc tap that the Randalled beer will be served from. What is unique about this setup, is it is a quick disconnect to serve from the Randall out of the picnic tap to the Faucet, so I can choose to have the Randall inline with the faucet, or serve  beer separately via the picnic tap. Diversification...simplified for a few extra dollars.

Please comment, and if you build it, please submit links to photos. Let me know how your experience was, and if this was helpful to you.