Sunday, June 3, 2012

Logos and Bullshit...

I have been working with a graphic designer on a brewery logo. My requests were something simple that could be used for screenprint, perhaps signage or stickers as well. I worked with a guy named Josh at Brew Brand Creative. He's a really great guy who definitely has an interest in providing a quality design at an affordable price. When it comes to prices I don't want to give anything away in the event that he has to change his price structure, but I will say for the price and for the amount of work he is willing to put in to ensure your complete satisfaction it is well worth the coin. So if you are interested in a brewery logo, or any other graphic design work contact Josh you will not regret it. While working with Josh I think we came up with about 4-5 different concepts, but for the "Broken Glass Brewery" I didn't want something that was going to be literal. If you are like me the first thing that pops into your mind is the image of a broken beer glass or mug leaking beer. And that was the first concept Josh came up with, and while he did a great job of it, it was just, well...plain. So I mentioned perhaps a stained glass window, maybe broken with a beam of light shining through, or something to that extent. At any rate, here is the design we came up with.
There were a couple versions of this design incorporating barley spikes and hop cones, but none looked as nice as this design. The others looked cluttered. So at any rate, here is the Broken Glass Brewery logo for now. I plan to have a few T-shirts made, and perhaps some stickers for the brewery. Nice thing about it is Josh sent me an .eps, and .svg file, so I can alter the image as I see fit if necessary, to be honest I already did a couple different things to it to make it perfect--to me anyhow.

 Now for the bullshit, it's in the title right? I was laid off today. What-the-fuck!?! It was a surprise. I have been with the company I work for over 16 years, and I have been working part time for the past two years while attending college. I go to work this past Friday and see that I'm not on the schedule. I didn't say anything about it right away because in all honesty I was studying for an online final exam that I had to take tonight (finished it about 45 minutes ago). So, I ask today why I wasn't on the schedule for June at all, and lo and behold a slew of excuses was hurdled at me as if I should have been prepared for this. I can handle the hard truth, but for 16 years I think that this could have been handled in a more professional manner. Regardless, I could complain about it all night, all I will say is that don't kill yourself for a company that isn't yours because in the end they will get rid of you to save a buck if they need to. So that's my rant, I hope you like the logo, and I hope you'll comment if you visit this page. Cheers!